Self-Funding Long-Term Care

By: Antonio Castillo | Associate Advisor Long-term care is probably one of the biggest elephants in the room. In 2016, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation published a research report indicating that most Americans underestimate the risk of developing a disability needing long-term services and support. The report also said that […]

Insurance Review: Making Sure You Have the Right Protection

Diana Castro, CPA, CFP®, Associate Advisor It is the time of year when notifications for open enrollment for employer benefits, Medicare, health insurance marketplace, etc. start appearing in inboxes and mailboxes. Therefore, those tend to be top of mind. However, we recommend using this time to review ALL insurance policies including life, disability, long-term care, […]

Stressed Out Supply Chains

Chris A. Matlock, CPA, CFA, Chief Investment Officer & Ben McCue, CFA, Investment Research Analyst It’s hard to open a newspaper, turn on the TV, or read a corporate earnings report without hearing about the current, dismal state of the global supply chain, which is experiencing unprecedented challenges across shipping ports, trucking routes, railways, and warehouses; […]

Roth IRAs and Roth Conversions: Key Concepts

By: Diana Castro, CPA, CFP® Associate Advisor Roth IRAs and Roth conversions tend to dominate headlines and talking points when it comes to retirement planning. Tax free growth! Tax free distributions! You only pay tax once! Therefore, this is one of the most frequently brought up planning strategies by potential and existing clients to discuss. […]

Back-of-the-Napkin Math Is Not Good Enough: The Importance of True Financial Planning

When it comes to the quality of the rest of your life and your legacy, back-of-the-napkin math is not good enough. The decisions you make now, can have lasting, long-term impacts, and we want to ensure that you are equipped to make informed decisions along the way. While each of us has a unique vision […]

Risk Capacity & Risk Tolerance: The Foundation of Investment Planning

By: Chelsea A. Benoit, CFP® Associate Advisor  One can think of creating an investment plan as finding the best way to assemble the pieces of a financial puzzle. After deciding on the goal(s) of your investment plan, determining the appropriate level of risk to assume to accomplish these goals is essential. This question requires considering […]

Understanding IRAs

Saving for retirement is essential to financial freedom. Understanding your options sets you up to make educated decisions you can be confident in. That’s why we’re taking the time to help you unpack Individual Retirement Accounts. Traditional IRA Traditional IRAs are considered tax-deferred earnings. This means that taxes on the account are due at withdrawal […]

Quick Tips: Saving for Retirement

Retirement savings can feel overwhelming. While it is important to do your research on which account types work best for you, we have gathered some quick, universal tips on savings for retirement. Start today While paying down debt is important, do not wait to be debt free to start. The sooner you start, the quicker […]

4 Tips for Paying Down Debt

Student loans, a mortgage, car payments. We expect to see debt in our lifetime. However, debt should be temporary, not a lifelong payment. Making these adjustments can help set you on the right track to becoming debt-free. Create a budget It can be difficult to think about paying off loans if you have not yet […]

Investing in the Future: Saving for Your Child’s College Years

Graduation season is upon us, and we are sure many of you are beaming with pride in anticipation of your student hitting yet another milestone. Whether college is on the near horizon or still some years away, the cost of education is at the forefront of the minds of many parents and grandparents. The cost […]