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April 2022 Market Commentary

The Cranky Consumer

Ben McCue, CFA, Investment Research Analyst In 2021, the US economy continued to rebound after the ups and downs of 2020. Household wealth and consumer balance sheets are in the best shape in years helped by a strong stock market and rising home valuations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the most recent unemployment […]

March 2022 Market Commentary

New Year, Fresh Start: A Financial Planning Checklist for the New Year

Chelsea A. Benoit, CFP®, Associate Advisor The new year typically ushers in fresh opportunities and an energy of renewal. This time of year encourages people to pause and reassess which areas of their lives they would like to enrich. Some people may decide to commit to being more active, while others may set their sights […]

February 2022 Market Commentary

Insurance Review: Making Sure You Have the Right Protection

Diana Castro, CPA, CFP®, Associate Advisor It is the time of year when notifications for open enrollment for employer benefits, Medicare, health insurance marketplace, etc. start appearing in inboxes and mailboxes. Therefore, those tend to be top of mind. However, we recommend using this time to review ALL insurance policies including life, disability, long-term care, […]

January 2022 Market Commentary