Philanthropy Spotlight: Christmas Edition

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The holiday season typically comes with lots of food, gifts and fond memories which can mean higher bills. Undoubtedly, the holidays are expensive for every family, but some struggle more than others towards the end of the year. Orale Holiday Hopes is an organization that pairs students from low income backgrounds with a kind individual who provides gifts for them.

GFC’s very own Chelsea Bailey took part in the gift exchange this year. She heard about the event through a friend, and wanted to get involved. She was paired with a 13 year old girl, whose wish list included winter clothing, makeup and hygiene supplies. Chelsea was more than happy to oblige and had a great time shopping for her recipient.

Chelsea attended the gift exchange on December 21st at Las Americas Newcomer School. What’s special about this school is that it was built specifically for refugee and immigrant children. Every student enrolled in the school is new to the States, arriving no more than a year ago. Many of the students came from families that were in need of basic necessities, so as a result, many of the participants had items for their families on their wish list also.

The school was few minutes away from our office near the Galleria. Chelsea was pleased to meet the child she was helping, and enjoyed getting to chat with her and hear a little about her plans for the future. The event was extremely successful, over 50 kids were matched with sponsors- which means 50 kids got an awesome Christmas, and also the chance to meet the working professional that made their Christmas wishes come true.

“All of the children there seemed so sweet, and my heart became so full as I watched them open their presents from the many volunteers who took the time and effort to make this event special for them,” says Chelsea.

The time and money spent were well worth it, according to Chelsea and she plans to be involved with the event again next year, and perhaps involve more people. GFC is proud to have such a philanthropically minded team member.

This picture is taken from the Orale Facebook page


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