Pension Funds - Team Members CollaboratingOperating a pension plan presents unique challenges to both the plan’s trustee and its investment adviser. We understand the heavy responsibility trustees have to ensure that plan assets are being managed within appropriate risk parameters to achieve the plan’s funding obligations and know that plan beneficiaries rely on the thoughtful decision making of these individuals. GFC’s commitment to being a fiduciary since day one–foregoing commissions in the preference of fee-only compensation–speaks to our commitment to putting the needs of our clients first. We are ever cognizant of our responsibility to prudently manage assets on behalf of the trustees and beneficiaries.

Here at Goodman Financial, we believe a personalized approach is key to prudent asset management, and it should be evident from the inception of the engagement. We take the time to learn about your fund, its goals and objectives as well as the preferences of its leadership. Our services and communication are then customized according to those preferences. With Goodman Financial there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all-approach.”

We can serve either as the one-stop manager for the assets of the entire plan or manage a specific mandate for fixed income or equity management. For newer plans, GFC can work with you to build a new Investment Policy Statement (IPS) from the ground up, or update an IPS that is already in place. We then use the customized parameters laid out in the IPS as guidelines to regularly monitor and evaluate your investments. Find out more about the Account Oversight we provide and the type of information you can expect to receive from us.

To help trustees oversee the plan, we prepare quarterly investment performance reports and are available to present the investment results to the trustees, investment committee, or any other appropriate party. Additionally, we are always available for questions or comments about your portfolio or what’s going on in the markets.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you fulfill your responsibility as a pension plan trustee with our personalized approach to prudent pension fund management.

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