For Institutions –

A personalized approach to help our clients meet their goals


We are proud to maintain a 100% retention rate for our institutional clients. We employ an investment philosophy that emphasizes portfolio management that is personalized to your needs, using actively-managed portfolios composed predominantly of individual stocks and bonds. A personalized approach helps assure that holdings in your portfolio are in accordance with your particular investment goals and risk tolerance. We primarily use individual securities to avoid the layering of fees and the lack of personalization that are associated with mutual funds and the generic model portfolios used by many financial advisory firms.

We believe the customized service we provide each client sets us apart and allows us to meet each entity’s unique requirements. We focus on your investments, so you can focus on your organization’s goal.

Institutional clients include:

Investment Policy and Responsiveness
  • Nonprofit organizations

    Nonprofit organizations

    • 501(c)3 charitable organizations
    • Other non-profit entities
  • Retirement Plans

    Retirement Plans

    • Pension funds
    • Cash balance plans
    • Profit sharing plans
  • Foundations and Endowments

    Foundations and Endowments

    • Private foundations
    • Scholarship endowments
    • Community service endowments
  • Associations


    • Professional and trade associations
    • Alumni associations
    • Homeowners’ associations
Purpose and Mission

Here at Goodman Financial, we have firsthand knowledge of the type of issues and challenges that institutions face as several members of our professional team have served on or chaired various institutional boards, finance committees, and investment committees. This insight, paired with our personalized approach, help us to better meet the needs and goals of our institutional clients.

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Our Services for Institutions

Portfolio Management

Our investment decisions are based on thorough research and primarily the fundamental method of security analysis covering not just a company’s financial condition and outlook, but also its industry position, sector, and the overall market and economy.

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Pension Funds

Operating a pension plan presents unique challenges to both the plan’s trustee and its investment advisor. We understand the heavy responsibility trustees have to ensure that plan assets are being managed within appropriate risk parameters to achieve the plan’s funding obligations.

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Foundations, Endowments and Associations

At Goodman Financial, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all-approach.” We take the time to learn about your organization, your goals and objectives, and your preferences. We then create a personalized investment plan for your organization and customize our services and communications based on your needs and preferences.

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