Cougar Networking Breakfast

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“Cougars should do business with Cougars,” said UH President and Chancellor Renu Khator at the Cougar 100 Award Luncheon in November. An opportunity for Cougars to mingle and help each other was provided at the Cougar 100 Networking breakfast which took place on February 15, 2018 at the UH Alumni Center.

While Goodman Financial would never choose to only do business with Cougars, it’s always nice to network with and meet other business people with a similar background. Not to mention, most of the Cougar 100 businesses are located in Houston as well.

The Cougar 100 Award is given to the top 100 fastest growing Cougar-owned businesses. This means the founder of these companies has obtained either their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or in some cases both degrees, from the University of Houston.

This networking breakfast was a follow up to the award ceremony to give the recipients the chance to meet again and find commonalities. Amidst coffee, pastries and fruit, business people from a variety of industries got to talk shop and get to know one another.

The event was attended by President & CIO Steve Goodman (earned his Bachelor’s in ‘83, and Master’s in ‘85 from UH), Director – Portfolio Management Chris Matlock (earned his Bachelor’s in ‘82, and Master’s in  ‘93 from UH branch schools), and Communications Coordinator Natasha Naik (earned her Bachelor’s in ‘16 from UH).



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