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When choosing securities for your portfolio, our Investment Committee conducts hours and hours of research and analysis as part of our investment process. Once placed in a client’s portfolio, the investment team regularly monitors all the securities and stays up-to-date on current market and economic data as well as the overall investment landscape.

Process and Oversight - Team Members Collaborating - Steven R. Goodman, CPA, CFP®, Chelsea A. Bailey, and Natasha NaikOur operations and client service team members monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Whether it is re-aligning your portfolio to asset allocation targets or reviewing your account transactions for unusual or unexpected activity, GFC is overseeing your accounts on multiple levels, making sure the portfolio is in line with the parameters you established.

Your ability to oversee what we do is just as important as our oversight of your portfolio. Here at GFC, we believe that transparency and communication provides you the information you need to evaluate if we’re living up to what we said we’d do and are essential to establishing and maintaining trust in our client relationships. Our communication efforts begin at the inception of each new client relationship. We meet with you to determine your risk tolerance, timeframe, investment objectives, and other unique circumstances. Using that information we develop a tailored investment plan based on those discussions.

Beyond the initial portfolio implementation, we believe that open and frequent communication continues to be an essential element of our service. We allow each client to dictate when we meet, but we recommend meeting at least annually to review your portfolio and discuss any changes that may affect your investment or financial plan.

We encourage additional client contact and communication in between meetings, and we are responsive to any client requests. Our clients can also expect to receive multiple communications from us including:

  • a written explanation when we fully exit a security or introduce a new security into your portfolio (what we call our why-we-did-what-we-did communications)
  • newsletters covering a variety of investment, financial advisory, and philanthropic topics
  • monthly/quarterly custodial account statements
  • monthly investment/market recap
  • quarterly Portfolio Review report that provides a more in-depth review of your holdings at an aggregate portfolio level such as asset allocation, diversification metrics, and portfolio returns versus benchmark returns for various time periods
  • quarterly Investment Highlights focusing on selected securities that impacted quarterly returns
  • quarterly Market and Economic Review covering equity and fixed income markets
  • annual tax reports, as needed, which you or your CPA can use along with your custodian’s Consolidated Form 1099 to prepare your income tax return

Many communications, such as our newsletter and monthly market commentaries, can also be shared with family and friends.

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Our Investment Process

  • Client Meeting

  • Investment Plan Design & Security Selection

  • Proforma Review & Implementation

  • Reporting

  • Ongoing Monitoring

At Goodman Financial Corporation, we employ an investment philosophy that emphasizes portfolio management that is personalized to the needs of each of our clients. Thus,we begin the investment process by carefully listening to you in order to gain a thorough understanding of your particular needs and goals. This helps us determine the appropriate investment framework for you.