Goodman Financial is committed to philanthropy and giving back to the community.

We refer to our commitment as “Doing Good Things for Good People.” We exercise this philanthropic spirit in many ways:

  • Making financial donations to charitable organizations
  • Donating back a percentage of our fee to our clients that are charitable organizations to support their causes
  • Assisting and advising our philanthropically-inclined clients in the areas of planned giving, charitable beneficiary selection, and the creation of private foundations
  • Volunteering our professional time to nonprofit organizations
  • Supporting the philanthropic spirit of our employees by allocating a portion of firm donations to nonprofits of their choosing

We serve as investment managers for several nonprofit entities, including foundations, endowments and other organizations. As part of our philanthropic commitment to our clients that are charitable organizations, we donate a portion of our fees from these clients back to those organizations or others that they support in the form of financial and other support.

Members of our professional team serve in various volunteer capacities and board positions.
Visit our team members’ pages to learn more about how we engage with the community.

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Doing Good Things for Good People
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