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Working to Exceed Client Expectations

About the Firm

Since 1989, Goodman Financial Corporation has been an independent SEC registered investment adviser based in Houston, Texas.

We are a Texas-owned, fee-only investment management and financial advisory firm that has no affiliation with any insurance company, bank, mutual fund or brokerage firm. Our independent model and high ethical standards focuses us on keeping our clients’ goals as our top priority in all of the investment decisions that we make. Beyond our commitment to our clients, we are also committed to philanthropy and giving back to our community.

Our clients are individuals, trusts, business entities, and institutions such as endowments, nonprofits, pension plans and private foundations who appreciate personalized service and solutions tailored to their unique goals. Client retention has historically averaged over 97 percent, and many of our new clients have historically been referrals from existing clients.

We actively manage individual stocks and bonds in customized investment portfolios which provides greater flexibility, tax-efficiency, and lower expenses to our clients. Our clients also receive financial advice on a wide range of areas, with risk management playing a key part in both the financial advisory and investment decisions that we make. As an additional safeguard to our clients, investment assets are held by insured, third-party custodians.

With decades of combined years in the industry, the credentialed team at Goodman Financial has extensive experience making prudent investment decisions that are based on clients’ long-term objectives rather than on emotional responses to the distracting, and oftentimes confusing, “noise” created by the media.

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Communicating with You
Philanthropic Goals
Personal and Context-Based
Working to Exceed Clients' Expectations

Our client retention rate has historically averaged over 97 percent. Many of our existing clients have come to us as a referral from other clients. Others are referred to us by CPAs and attorneys.

Average Annual Retention Rate 97.2%

*as of December 31, 2023

Annual Client Retention

Our priority at Goodman Financial Corporation is to provide personalized investment management services to clients with superior service to help them meet their financial goals.

We maintain high ethical standards to ensure that all investment decisions are made with the client’s best interest as our top priority.

Goodman Financial is committed to philanthropy and giving back to the community.

We refer to our philanthropic commitment as “Doing Good Things for Good People.” We exercise this philanthropic spirit in many ways, including:

  • Donating to charitable organizations,
  • Actively volunteering our professional time to non-profit organizations,
  • Assisting and advising our philanthropically-inclined clients in the areas of planned giving, charitable beneficiary selection, and the creation of private foundations.
Giving Back to the Community

Our Investment Process

  • Client Meeting

  • Investment Plan Design & Security Selection

  • Proforma Review & Implementation

  • Reporting

  • Ongoing Monitoring

At Goodman Financial Corporation, we employ an investment philosophy that emphasizes portfolio management that is personalized to the needs of each of our clients. Thus,we begin the investment process by carefully listening to you in order to gain a thorough understanding of your particular needs and goals. This helps us determine the appropriate investment framework for you.