Scholarship Extravaganza 2018

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Few things in life are more important than education. Goodman Financial is pleased to have attended the Houston CPA Society Scholarship Extravaganza in support of the chapter and the scholarship awardees.

The event took place on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at Hotel Zaza in downtown Houston. The event was in honor of Bruce J. Harper, CPA, founder of Harper & Pearson Company, an accounting and consulting firm. He is also a graduate of the University of Houston like many of our team members here at GFC.

Goodman Financial has been a sponsor of this event for some years now, and is always pleased to help make a positive impact on students’ lives. GFC is proud to be a sponsor of this event.

The Houston CPA Society has raised more than $4.5 million for local youth organizations and charities over the last 25 years. The chapter provides 30 scholarships each year, of $3,500 each, totaling $105,000.

GFC’s very own Quinten Womack was the recipient of this scholarship from the Corpus Christi Chapter in 2014, which went towards his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas A&M Kingsville University, where he was in the top of his class.

GFC is home to five CPAs, all of whom are heavily involved with the Houston CPA Society, including Charlotte Jungen and Wade Egmon who serve as board members; Ed Roth, who is a Taxation Committee member, Chris Matlock who is a member; and Steve Goodman who served as a chapter president (1996-1997).

The Extravaganza was attended by President & CIO, Steve Goodman and Communications Coordinator, Natasha Naik.


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